14/03/2018 Governmental organization reform in China

On 13 March 2018, China unveiled the plan of governmental organization reform. As a part of the effort to improve government’s work efficiency and service capability, the reform will greatly reduce the number of governmental organizations in the State Council. 8 ministries/organizations/agencies at ministerial level and 7 at vice-ministerial level will be cancelled or merged into other departments, and only 26 ministries/organizations/agencies (not including the General Office of the State Council) will remain.

The changes related to standardization are as follows:
1.       General Administration of Market Supervision will be established, while General Administration of Industry and Commerce, AQSIQ and CFDA will be merged into it.
2.       SAC and CNCA will be managed by the newly established General Administration of Market Supervision.
3.       A new State Intellectual Property Bureau will be established with the integration of departments from other three institutes.
4.       A new Ministry of Natural Resources will be established with the integration of the Ministry of Environmental Protection)
5.       A new National Health Commission will be established.