10/08/2018 SAMR published “scheme of internal organization structure, duty deployment and staff reallocation”

On 8th August, SAMR published officially scheme of internal organization structure, duty deployment and staff reallocation. As one of the ministries directly under the lead of the State Council, SAMR’s responsibilities are outlined as below:

            Comprehensive market inspection and management: to develop and draft relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards

            Integrate market entity registration including foreign entity in China

            Comprehensive enforcement work of market inspection

            Anti-monopoly enforcement and daily routine of the State Council’s anti-monopoly committee

            Market ordinary, macro quality supervision, product quality and safety inspection

            Unified coordination of food safety inspection and supervision, daily routine of the State Council’s food safety committee

            Unified management of metering, standardization, testing and inspection.

            Management of China drug administration and state intellectual property office

Component departments (in relation with market and standardization)

            Department of comprehensive planning

            Department of legal who drafts market management related laws and regulations

            Enforcement Administration

            Registration Administration

            Department of credit inspection

            Anti-monopoly administration

            Administration of price inspection and anti-unfair competition

            Department of E-commerce inspection

            Department of advertisement inspection

            Quality development Administration (in charge of regulation development for product and service promotion, product recalling, etc.)

            Department of product quality and safety inspection (CCC, production licensing…)

            Department of food safety coordination (multi-ministries coordination, daily routine of the State council’s food safety committee)

            Department of inspection for food production safety factory production safety

            Department of inspection for food operation appliance (catering service and food service industry)

            Department of inspection for special food safety (health food, dairy food for infants and babies, special medical used food)

            Department of food sampling test

            Special equipment safety inspection administration

            Department of metering

            Department of standard technology management (partial duties of former SAC: standardization strategy, planning and implement of GB, GBT, international standard adoption, management of national TCs)

            Department of standard innovation (social association standards, local standards, company standards, participation of international standards development, cooperation with ISO, IEC.)

            Department of certification (partial duties of former CNCA)

            Department of accreditation and testing inspection (partial duties of former CNCA)

  *the name of SAC and CNCA are retained but the former duties are dispersed to two departments respectively.