08/04/2018 Work Focuses of the Standardization for Industries and Communication Industry (2018) released

On 16 March 2018, MIIT published the policy document to guide the development of the standardization for industries and communication industry.


Four objectives were put forward in the document:

  • Develop or revise 1800-odd standards;
  • Promote the “Association Standards Application Pilot Projects” in 10-odd key fields;
  • Enhance the adoption rate of international standards in key areas by 5%, and ensure the adoption rate of international standards in key areas to exceed 90% by 2020;
  • Encourage Chinese organizations and enterprises to develop more than 100 international standards.


To help implement these objectives, the policy document assigned 5 tasks for all MIIT standardization-related units:

  • Improve the technical standard system. It’s required in the document not only to continue improving the current technical standard system, but also to facilitate the construction of standard system in key and emerging areas, such as intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, artificial intelligence, industrial internet, connected car, big data, cloud computing, information technology services, etc.;
  • Strengthen the implementation of national and sectoral standard projects, including the development of mandatory standards, the development of standards in key areas, such as industrial base standards, intelligent manufacturing standards and green manufacturing standards, and the publicity and implementation of crucial standards;
  • Foster advanced association standards, containing to promote the ““Association Standards Application Pilot Projects” and to explore the admissibility mechanism for association standards.
  • Facilitate the Chinese standards to “go global”. The specific contents include carrying out comparison and analyses between Chinese standards and international standards; enhancing Chinese standards’ consistency with international standards; participating in the development of international standards in key areas; strengthening cooperation with international standardization organizations; raising the level of internationalization of Chinese standards.
  • Strengthen the construction of the standardization system and organization. The following regulations will be developed or revised: administrative measures for the management of MIIT TCs, Interim administrative measures for the development of MIIT sectoral standards, Procedure and requirements for the development of mandatory national standards in industry and communication technology, Administrative measures for application pilot projects of association standards in industry and communication technology,