15/06/2018 MIIT issued “Industry Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)”and“2018 Work Plan of Industry Internet Special Working Group”

Industry Internet Special Working Group of MIIT published “Industry Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)”and“2018 Work Plan” in June, the brief contents are as follows: Target: to establish preliminarily infrastructure and industry system of industrial internet by the end of 2020, including: reliable wide bandwidth, customized corporate extranet infrastructure coincident with IPv6 and Typical Corporate intranet … Continued

13/06/2018 “Big-data Report for National Standard Drafting Organizations -2017” is published

On 29th May, 2018” the Second Standard Big-data Service and Development Seminar” was jointly held by China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and National Standard Literature Sharing Infrastructure (NSSI) in Beijing. In Accordance with the theme of” New Time, New Data and New Facilitation”, “the Big-data Report for National Standard Drafting organizations -2017” was issued … Continued

11/06/2018 SESEC IV China holds seminar for European standardization in Beijing office

On 11th June, 2018, SESEC IV China holds the seminar for European standardization in its Beijing office. 25 Experts and relevant specialists from China government departments, research institutes, foreign invested enterprises and other experts attended the meeting. Dr. Batty XU introduces detailed the contemporary situation of European standardization and standards: European standardization associations, standards formulation … Continued

12/06/2018 MIIT call for public comments of “Regulation of Interference Coordination for 3000-5000MHz 5th base stations and other radio stations”

Aiming to facilitate the continuous heathy development of national 5G public mobile communication and coordinate the solution of electromagnetic compatible coexistence between mobile communication base stations and radio stations in mid-band, National Radio office of MIIT published draft for public comments and the comments should be submitted by 15th July, 2018. relevant connect: http://www.miit.gov.cn/n1146295/n1652858/n1653100/n3767755/c6215845/content.html

05/06/2018 “General Principles of Green Factory Assessment” (GBT36132-2018) is officially published

In order to promote China’s development of being a big manufacturer to a strong manufacturer, implement green manufacturing projects and conduct green manufacturing system, GBT36132-2018 General Principles of Green Factory Assessment is formally published. The standard was proposed by the Department of Energy Conservation & Comprehensive Utilization of MIIT and jointly formulated by China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), together … Continued

05/06/2018 China has been working on national blockchain standards

China Electronic Industry Standards Research Institute (CESI) under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) confirmed that the authority was working on establishing the national standards for blockchain technology for implementations in multiple sectors encompassing various decentralized designs. The standards were expected to publish before the end of 2019 covering basic standards, business & … Continued

28/05/2018 the sixth session of the China-Germany Electric Vehicle Working Group

The sixth plenary session of the China-Germany Electric Vehicle Working Group was held in Heidelberg, Germany in the week of 28th May 2018. Yin Minghan, deputy director of SAC, pointed out at the meeting that since the fifth meeting in 2017, the China-Germany Electric Vehicle Standardization Working Group has conducted numerous technical exchange activities and … Continued

24/05/2018 Chinese Standards 2035, the standardization strategy research is kicked off

It is learned on January 10, 2018 that Standardization Administration of China (SAC) is carrying out the standardization strategy research, formulating the guideline to promote standardization strategy, i.e. “Chinese Standards 2035”, and will focus on the implementation of “One Strategy, Two Actions and Three Projects” in conjunction with the high-end national think tanks such as … Continued