18/05/2018 SESEC Newsletter updated

SESEC published SESEC III China IT&ICT Newsletter(2018 Jan-March) and SESEC III_China Standardization Bimonthly Newsletter (2018 02 & 03). Please find below the downlaoding links: 1.http://www.sesec.eu/app/uploads/2018/05/SESEC-III-China_IT_ICT_Newsletter_2018_Jan-March.pdf 2. http://www.sesec.eu/app/uploads/2018/05/SESEC-III_China-Standardization-Bimonthly-Newsletter-2018-02-03.pdf  

11/05/2018 The State Council’s Opinion on “Internet plus health care”

Based on the Action Plan of Healthy China and the Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Actively Promoting “Internet Plus” Action, the General Office of the State Council put forward some opinions on promoting the development of “Internet plus health care”, including improving the “Internet plus health care” service system and support system, strengthening … Continued

04/05/2018 Two White Papers on the Standardization of Automobile Electronic Network Security (2018) and the Standardization of Big Data Security (2018) released

Two White Papers on the Standardization of Automobile Electronic Network Security (2018) and the Standardization of Big Data Security (2018) were released on 14 April 2018. The main points of the White Paper on Standardization of Automobile Electronic Network Security (2018) are as follows: focusing on the domestic and international laws, regulations, policies and current situation … Continued

27/04/2018 Standard Pilot Action Plan for New Materials released

On 13 March,9 ministries jointly published the Action Plan, aiming to improve the quality of new material products and services via standardisation. 10 actions were put forward in the plan, including building up the new material industry’s standard system, developing pilotage standards of new materials, optimizing standard supply, promoting the coordinated development of standards, technology … Continued

20/04/2018 SAMR(China) released the first batch of Green Product Assessment Standard List and Certification Catalog

On 18 April 2018, the SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation in China) released the notice on the issuance of the green product assessment standard list and certification catalog. As issued in the notice, “wood-based panels and wooden flooring “, “coating material “, “sanitary wares”, “building glass”, “solar water heating system”, “furniture”, “thermal insulation material”, … Continued

16/04/2018 MIIT Legislation Work Plan (2018) released

MIIT released the work plan on 4 April 2018, and the following tasks shall be completed within the year: Regulation formulation/revision (7): Regulations on the Quality Supervision of Communication Construction Projects (Revised) (Department of Policies and Regulations, Department of Information and Communication Development) Administrative Measures for the Security Assessment of New Internet Business (Department of … Continued

08/04/2018 Work Focuses of the Standardization for Industries and Communication Industry (2018) released

On 16 March 2018, MIIT published the policy document to guide the development of the standardization for industries and communication industry.   Four objectives were put forward in the document: Develop or revise 1800-odd standards; Promote the “Association Standards Application Pilot Projects” in 10-odd key fields; Enhance the adoption rate of international standards in key … Continued

28/03/2018 CNCA issued the Green Product Certification Marks

  Two different green product certification marks issued are as follows:   1.Basic certification mark Basic certification marks are applied to products which fall in the scope of the Green Product Certification Directory and have obtained the green product certificates.     Deformation mark Deformation marks are applied to products which have obtained green product … Continued